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Established in the 1940s, Kinta Rubber Works Sdn Bhd has the expertise and knowledge of “providing you and the ecosystem with the best rubber solutions.”

Our first factory was set up at Lahat, Ipoh, once known as “Perak Kinta Rubber”. We started with customising and designing a solution to replace leaky wooden buckets and rusty steel buckets for the sanitary board in 1939.


Fast forward to today, with more than 82 years of operations under our belt, and still managed by the three generations of the Yeoh Family, Kinta Rubber Works Sdn Bhd has moved on to manufacturing rubber hoses, sheetings, and rubber parts for various industrial leaders.


When it comes to designing, manufacturing, and reformulation of products, you can call on our ideas and capabilities to offer you the best solution.

Focusing to mend the gap among Malaysian pioneers, this-worldly platform offers incredible insights and channels customised to fit your business needs. Kinta Rubber Works Sdn Bhd strives closely to cultivate sustainable solutions through the 3Es — Energy, Excellence, and Endure.

Kinta Rubber Works Sdn Bhd has the capacity and capability to manufacture any polymer within the recognised industry standards. We build our reputation around our ability to be flexible. We apply sustainable technical expertise over the years of running novel-worthy operations. 


Poised for growth, Kinta Rubber Works Sdn Bhd manufacturing expertise and a strong Research & Development team allow us to provide customised solutions to our clients as per their customisation needs. This initiative also solidifies a sustainable global partnership moving in the direction to solve new challenges within the rubber industry.

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